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中国有它自己的运动传说. 回到歌朝代,人开始踢叫做 Cuju,被视为远古足球的起源的一场游戏. 因此现在,你将会了解我们的女人足球队为什么今天如此好. 藉由被著名丝道路激发的一项观念,我们的火把接替者将会打破新的地面,透过为

你好,可翻译为:Today is Monday,and I am on duty.I like Cihan Xiang,he is the excellent star.And he is a big boy full of humorous character,he sings very well.I like listenin' to his songs silently.He has many fans,I am the one of them,hope he can

我们设法在12月那些日子记住.Our生活是非常不同的当我们首先见面了, I偏僻.A小在楼上公寓driving通过黑暗to回到家,在他们知道之前您甚而去.因为我能听见您的心跳, You不必须讲话.象搜寻饮料的蝴蝶的Fluttering.You不必须掩盖您



英文:In the process of growing up in the loss at the same time we have also been constant Gains and losses at the same time is often lost while the youth had been given time, all youth The rich life experience for me they are a valuable asset.日文

lou allison,我们的回忆在你说再见的那一事件消失, 你和我,还有我们的余生. 更正:lou allison,我们的回忆在你说再见的那一瞬间消失, 你和我,还有我们的余生

I'm sorry to be so late back your mail, you want to sample the fastest January 5, can send out, a former will provide express order to you

I made a stupid mistake, your valuable views and I will listen to forever keep in mind. I will not interfere in her Yinsi. At the same time I hope you like a father can give me more life to the views of doing things, taught me . Do not know if I have the

现在是该相信还是不相信,现在我们是结束还是继续.你的谎言让我不知所措,宝贝,你是要离开我还是要陪在我身边.请你给我一个正确的答案好让我选择离开还是留下? It is the believe or not believe, as we are now, or continue to the end. Your lies Let me know what to do, baby, you have to leave I would like to go around me. Please give me a correct answer so that I choose to leave or to stay ?

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