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My old man was the original Silver Lining Guy.As a teenager I called him Opti the Mystic because of his crazy optimism and his imperturbable ability to see any crisis as "an opportunity for growth".我的老男人是一个原本的能从坏消息中看到好方

You may telephone to give teacher, to her to explain attends class time occurs the matter, hoped that she can know the truth. Or you have forgotten it, because teacher also will make after all the mistake

I'm LiHong,I want to travel with my parents this vocation.And We go to someplace cool about ten days.A guider is needed.My parents want to watch sunfalling ,while I'd like to have a swimming.the place have beautiful sight,so we should go there.

The advantages of living in big citiesInformation developed, and cultural development, economic development --Employment opportunities, and development (including built-in external) opportunities for more than a relatively sound social security

Goes to Beijing I to suggest that goes to Great Wall first. The Great Wall is the world longest wall, is world one of eighth big marvelous sights, some 20 century's long history, by completes manually completely. Impressive. English translator thanks

I have spent a busy weekend:I should help my mother do the housework in the morning,and then shopping at noon,during the afternoon I went to the library.I had to do sports on Sunday morning ,and then to go out for a walk,after that I finished my

Beijing, as one of China's seven ancient capital, has a very rich historical and cultural legacies of our history and culture of China is not to be natural, man-made destruction of a number of factors. Yes it has some resources to bear on China's history

Honey, I think aloud to you said, let the world have heard: I love you, I love you, little rui, my love for you, want to play alone enough love I believe that we are together will be happy Now I lost courage, thought to give up, can forget everything, I was

We ordered the Sushi much earlier, but had not been served. It was unfair. I waved for the waiter, but no one responded. The man opposite, could not gripped the sushi while eating and spilled the juice onto my friend's skirt. My friend was rather upset

我们劝他改变主意,但他固执己见.( persuade) we persuade hime to chang his mind, but he refused( and stinged to his opinion). 这部电影不仅受到影迷们的喜爱,还获得评委的高度赞誉. ( not only; 对…高度赞誉: speak//think highly of… the

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