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Unit 5 First aid Section Ⅱ Warming Up & Reading-Language Points Ⅰ.品句填词1.Since he wants to continue studying at university,he only found a________(暂时的) job in the summer holidays.2.He escaped from the car wreck without ______


一、1.victim 2.physician 3.analyse 4.defeat 5.challange 6.enquiry 7.pump8.blame 9.absorb 10.linkto二、severe、suspected、exposed、experts、cure、foresaw、conclude、announced、attend三、make a sugge

1.When David Beckham arrrived into Japan, the thrilled fans turned out to welcome him.2. To celebrate my cousin sister's wedding, my uncle and aunt arranged an evening party.3.Some of Carl Marx's works on Communism, were written in the

回答:高二英语必修5 书上练习第四页的第3题的答案:to suggest :make a suggestion to decide : make a decisionto plan: make a plancontribute : make a contributionto speak:make a speechto be noisy:make a noiseto change : make a changeto

John snow defeats “king cholera”John snow was a famous doctor in london-so expert,indeed,that he attended queen victora as her personal physician.but he became inspired when he thought about helping

高二英语 必修5 Unit2 The United Kindom 课后练习及workbook参考答案 Exercise 1:(page12)1 unwilling2 countryside 3 conveniences4 clarify5 constructing6 Kingdom 7 administration8 accomplish9 enjoyable Exercise 2:1 currency2 The Union

John Snow wanted to find the cause of cholera.He believed that people became ill after eating infected food.He used the next outbreak of cholera to test his idea.He studied a small area of houses whic

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