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光了 寄論 萩偉偽獪杏 萩諒邪豚忝栽屏喘晩囂奕担...

邪豚忝栽屏 晩囂:俚晩屏昨蛤 (きゅううじちしょうこうぐん)

All the living thins on earth are the members of the same family. Human beings and animals ( plus plants) live on each other so that we should help each other. However,countless animals have been killed nowadays by people for commercial



撹囂兆各 偉偽獪 査囂憧咄 b│ d─o xi─ng zh┫ 撹囂瞥吶 症弌傍嶄謹峺嬉宇音峠. 撹囂竃侃 卜瞥祇圷ゞ尚蟻勧菊村〃壌屈噴屈:^弗垰:'揃需音峠,侭參梓州.' ̄ 聞喘箭鞘 揃需音峠,偉偽獪.¥圷瀧崑垓ゞ蛎渙互淋〃及匯孵

僥哂囂扮窟嶢燦諒籾短吾苧易,This question is easy to ______.A .answerB be answered 僉BAs the twentieth century came to a close,the raw materials for a great national literature were at hand ,waiting _______.A to useB to be used 僉B葎焚担及匯籾嶄頁麼強侘塀,及屈籾頁瓜強侘塀.脅頁麗恂麼囂兔?基:1.A鞘侏:sth.is +easy/ hard to do.


London is the capital of England,as well as the largest city and the largest port of the nation.It's also one of the lagest metropolitan areas in Europe and one of the four largest world-class cities,which are New York in United States,Paris in France,


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