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Shopper: welcome to our shop,boys and girls, what can I do for you?Tom:Oh, We want to buy some food and drinks .Shopper:Which food and drinks do you prefer?Mary:how about some apple juice or orange juice?Jim:I do not like either of them.I

人物:A.B.C.D.E.F.E( 不过人物E 是没有多少台词的.) On The Way Home回家的 E,F F:I have no idea.He was with us one minute ago.不知道呀.刚才还在啊.Eeverybody

a : oh, so many kinds of winter hats. 哦,很多种类型的冬帽. b : what is your favorite color , miss? 你最喜欢的颜色是什么,小姐? a : red. 红 b : here you are. it's very attractive. 这是你的.它非常吸引人. a : may i try it on ? 我试穿一下可以吗?

我写一段吧.展会情景.A;Morning sir ,welcome to our booth.B:Morning.……A:Anything you want know please feel free to ask me ,hope can help you.B:How much is this one ,and is there any other specification about this design?A:x$, .and we

没人, - -! 分给我吧,大哥哥.

On The Way Home回家的路上 Six high school students are walking on their way home, talking, laughing, 六个高中生走在回家的路上,一边聊天,一边笑. A: hey, guys, what are you going to do when you get home? 喂,伙伴们,你们放学后干

这是一篇有关买卖衣服的对话.其中A为买者,B为卖者,CDEF为A的朋友.A:So many nice coats! I can't decide which one to buy.C:Let us have a look one by one.B:Please.D:How about the green one?A:Oh, it looks nice. E:What do you think of the


以下是有关买鞋的一个对话,A与B分别代表售货员和消费者A:Can I help you?B:I would like to buy a pair of shoes.Wow! So many here!A:Er,what kind of shoes do you like?B:Just for warming!A:Look at this red one!How about it?B:It seems soft and

人物: Clerk, Shopper 1,Shopper 2,Shopper A. Shopper B Shopper C Clerk:Welcome to Kenny's Shoes. what can I do for you,sir? Shopper 1:I want a pair of fashion shoes. Clerk:OK.What about this one?It is made of cotton.You can walk a long

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