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Good good study ,day day up 式翻译.

Another worry is the increasing medical problems related to work with visual display units. The case of a slow loss of sight among people using word processors seems to have risen greatly. It is also feared that if a woman works at a VDU for long


Tkanks for your prompt response,I will get in touch with ella in the end of Auguest.But now,we probably have trouble.We need to buy AB10P and AB5N,11ton in total.Is there anyone can operate this.又是我啊 能不能提高悬赏啊

the two are kg90 mobile kg70 and lg classic, whether english advertisement advertisement advertisement or chinese is very perfect, creative, and was able to attract people's attention. "your" chocolate, chocolate to make something break

Title: Review of 50 years, China's U.S. policy and the history of Sino-US relations, both sharp opposition parties, but also the sincere cooperation. The profound reason is that China and the U.S. there are many common strategic interests. Therefore,


I don't like chatting with strangers online, but I did not oppose it, modern life gives people always have too much pressure, people sometimes take into account, many words have to suppress in mind, I think the Internet chat can alleviate the

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