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My honey : 我的甜心: I am terrible sorry, I didn't know why you are so touchy, in my eyes, I regard it as an interesting thing ,I 我真的很对不起,我不知道你为什么怎么敏感,在我看来,我认为这很有趣 always do such things on my friends , and

add member standard member VIP member administrator email address: please enter valid email address online communication medium (QQ or MSN) default password is "123456", please inform the member to change it on time! check if

Glad to hear from your company and i am using this opportunity to tell you that your product as been approved by our management and my boss told me to carry on with the necessary arrangement for the products.很高兴收到贵司来信,我想趁此机


a verry happy to see your pictures. 看到你的照片很高兴 But i am a litlebit worried about the parcle. Unfortunately i did not pack the things together i droped the thinks off at the and they gave it to another person. But because i wanted to send you

you like to play a fun game? This game will allow us to talk on the internet, anf you will see me when er are talking, I will see you too. Like it? Here is we need to do: 你想玩一个好玩的游戏吗?这个游戏就是让我们在网上进行聊天,你和我说话时你

Hello?my chinese (german in the future) girl, 你好,我的中国(将来的德国)女孩 you forgot the most important thing: 你忘记了最重要的事 Do you want to see me in Beijin? 你想在北京见我吗? If yes (hoprfully) i have to book the return flight?

this is the packaging list of ***. With the attachment of the first draft to each size, please confirm the style and the details of the packaging boxes and inform us of the alteration if needed. And as follows is the quantity of each box sizes that ordered. please check and confirm the total number is 81.

Anna, hello,I am very sorry, I think because my expression is not clear, so you did not know what I mean.You know, in August this year is Andy in suppliers management. While he was responsible for the time, our factory is in use by your company

我告诉你我昨天过得很糟糕. 关于这个我有些东西要向你解释 .不同的言行代表不同的文化 .例如,如果在德国一个女孩要告诉她的男友不再是朋友,她会采取某些行为. 她告诉他,她无法坐巴士去与他会面.但同时知道她可以坐出租车.

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