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Could/Would give me a hand? 比较婉转 Can you help me? 较为直接Could you do me a favor? (do a favour 帮忙)希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢~

请你帮个忙,英语是Please do me a favor.句子解释:please 英[pli:z] 美[pliz] int. 请; vt. 讨好; 使高兴; 使满意; 讨人喜欢; [例句]Can you help us please?能请你帮帮我们吗?me 英[mi] 美[mi] pron. (人称代词I的宾格) 我; n. 自我; 自我的

can you give me a hand ?thank you

你能给我帮个忙吗?Can you help me?/ Can I ask you a favour?

Last year,Li Ming was very poor in English, he felt sad and disappointed. His parents worried about it. with the help of his English teacher and classmates, he began to love English.

您好,翻译为:Could you please help me?希望帮祝你

我把后面的帮你翻一下来吧,接楼上的: 11.那件工作很难做,不过我想试试看.(have a shot) That job is too hard to work,but I want to have a try. 12.这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书.(as opposed to) This is a business practice rather than

mbition worth cultivating. Which are and which are not is something one soon enough

Good! Today, I introduce to you the two Kiku. 2 British tennis player was very powerful. "Tennis Prince" -- the Ministry of Youth Park tennis team official one. Agility, can be noted that many of the others are not minor, and the full understanding

Had a secret in the heart ! Dare not also cannot with others say! I met him should be pleasant! But in the heart actually more brutal! Want to tell him everything! Probably can guess! Hehe! Since did it have the courage to face! Whatever it! At least said that can make oneself of mind

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