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1.Take it easy2.I am looking forward to your good news

please you don't worry,请你放心

Don't worry, you will, you will be even better

你放心吧.我会问清楚的No worries,I will check it out.

你放心吧!我会爱你永远永远.Rest assured! I will love you forever.

放心的 relieved 放心:1. to set one's mind at rest2. to be at ease3. to rest

this class, i'll teach you something about the theme "never give up hope".

take is easy 是放轻松点.you can count on me 包在我身上.更接近放心的意思.

放心吧口语:relax书面:do not worry about this办这事太麻烦口语:it is tough to do this书面:It is troublsome to do this

to feel relieved that I certainly will love you for a lifetime 放心吧,我一定会爱你一辈子的

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