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请帮忙翻译一下这个句子 急!!!

宝贝,我也许没有时间来陪伴你,但是我承诺我会安排出时间来的.这只是暂时的.你还记得你说过你愿意相信我说的每一个字吧. 望采纳~

1,A warm smile be your 2.To drive away the gray mood 3.I think I do not care about fans who have loved 4.Embrace the uncertainty 5.I like love more surprises 6.How to love a person start ah? 7.Like those people who walk the streets

1 what country do you come from? 2 these months, did you have a good time? 3 what is your favorite place in China? 4 you hometown beauty?给点悬赏呗

1.strong winds forced her to change course and she hit land ai trinidad instead on february 5,2009. 强风迫使她改变航程,而且替代在2009年2月5号特立尼达岛登陆 2.crew members from the boat threm energy drinks to the swimmer and in stormy

It is no longer important to have any friend. It is immaterial to have any friend

1. i'm reporter for campus paper. 2. at 5 o'clock on friday on dec 22nd. 3. it need the principal's photo for the article. 4. if the principal has time to accept the visit? 5. it's nearly exhausted/used up/ran out.

The chemical substance raw material transforms by the solid state - liquid state - gaseous state - liquid state - solid state shape

Material has sendAbout the goods already send the relevant information, please check it carefully



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