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Personal Information Name Birthday: November, 1985 Objective Working Place: Lan Zhou City Education Background Graduated University: XX Major: Marketing(Bachlor's Degree) Course Studied: Marketing, Business Negociation, Consumption

January 2004 - 2 ** Hospital, Shanghai trainee July probationary Shanghai Mental Health Center July 9, 2007 in Shanghai Feikeyiyuan internship so far In January 2002 part in volunteer teams to assist in traffic control HS In August 2004 the

show me the money.

Self assessment: good communication skill. Like setbacks, from a centralized examine yourself and enhance their own, and can independently or with team members will open its difficulties convert power "road" and the new project. Like

Chen Jie Kong Sports Bachelor of Education Origin: Fuzhou political landscape: Communist China is prepared to party members: 178 cm Tel 15859202877 E-mail: lxm2485441@163.com Educational Background _________________________

1、The communication and execution of sales policy2、Channel management FALSIFY management price management3、The management and evaluation of implementation of market recources, promotion.4、Visit important customers

Resume Myself survey Name: Wang Ming birth years: 82.9.12 Native place: Jiangsu. Changzhou politics appearance: Member Marriage otherwise: Unmarried height: 171CM School record: Undergraduate course body weight: 62kg Specialized:

RESUMEName: *** Age: 35 Birthplace: Hengnan ,Hunan ProvinceEducational Level: Undergraduate Title: Middle School first-degrre teacher Mandarin level: Upper Second English: CET-6 (verbal fluency) Telephone; Learning experience: 1993 -

Post: Marketing Business Unit Executive Team in HudongJob Description: Master in Shanghai to take the brand strategy, lead the planning team of 9, in view of the regional market characteristics Hudong to carry out the planning and promotion of

Self introdutionI am an outgoing girl and I have a motivated heart.The experience abroad made me more independent,more confident and more stong.In fact,no job,we are born to do.But, i think hunting a job requires opportunity sometimes.But i

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