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请将下面一句话翻译成英文 谢绝机器翻译

请将下面一句话翻译成英文 谢绝机器翻译回答:This agreement is a version of informal Chinese translation. The purpose of this is to ensure that the Chinese

请将下列文字翻译成英文,谢绝机器翻译!!回答:纯手工制作(*^__^*) I hope that we can enter a company's accounting department, to do an accounting staff.

请将下面的一段话翻译为英文,谢绝机翻,谢谢!which have brought you to us. May we present the best wishes to you all and may our friendship last forever,.

英语翻译请将下面的一段话翻译为英文,谢绝机翻,急用I am sorry because the process of tabulation,the data in the paste when the error

紧急:请将这个中文句子帮忙翻译为英文,谢绝机器翻译紧急:请将这个中文句子帮忙翻译为英文,谢绝机器翻译,谢谢请将下面引号中这句中文翻译为英文, 谢绝机器-

请把下面几句话翻译成英文(谢绝机器翻译)1、想跟我交朋友,你得有充分的心理准备!you need to be well-prepared if you want to be one of my friends.2、我的

请将下面的一一段话翻译为英文,谢绝机翻,谢谢!can we open any accounts in the bank of Beijing?自己翻译的哦!因为是专业的,所以可能不会很标准的,语言就是这样的。我是

求把下面一段话翻译成英语,急。谢绝机器翻译。and since the third quarter of last year, there was a huge downward slide in China's export, as a result of the impa

把下面一段话翻译成英语,拒绝机器翻译,要人工的,谢谢and finish other tasks assigned by etc.. The company was rated as excellent staff and was promoted to Director

求翻译,把下面的内容翻译为英文 谢绝机器翻译回答:Wind stop with the instability of human affairs Rain falling without trace is kind of deep sentimental attachments

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