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They will work at life gave me great help, for me it is a great asset

参考答案:In my process of growing up,he gives me lots of helps.请采纳,谢谢支持!

You give us help in the living and studying.

在工作上给予我的支持和帮助Give me support and help on the job

I'm really appreciate the help he gave me!!! 这里主要是appreciate的用法.

我非常感激你的帮助.i really appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助.your help is highly appreciated.我非常感激你的帮助.i greatly appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助.i greatly appreciated your help.

工作上给予我的支持和帮助.翻译成英语是: The support and help given to me at work.注: 工作上给予我的支持和帮助,这句话的核心词是“支持和帮助”,“工作上给予我的”作为定语修饰“支持和帮助”,故“支持和帮助”在译为英语时须置于句首.

You were laborious, I thank you for the education, they will be as a treasure in my life afterwards in road. teacher, thank you

No Pains,No Gains It is obvious to everybody that the only way to achieve one's goal is to work hard. Just as the old saying goes "no mill, no meal". Have you ever seen a man who succeeds just by idling about? Of course, the answer is "No".

如果对你有所帮助!如果不明白,谢谢他们总是自愿贡献他们的时间来帮助他人They volunteer their time to help others祝学习进步,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,请再问

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