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求英语翻译,请帮我翻译一下这片文章Annie Sullivan生于1866年4月14日,她的父母是爱尔兰人。她9岁的时候,去了一个叫Tewksbury的小镇,因为她妈妈在那里去世,而她的

请英语高手帮我翻译一下这篇文章!!!The man, blue Mediterranean and any stage of women can he see his charm, while others, when he cry with his cry,

请英语高手帮我翻译一下这篇文章,翻成英文Front some performs master to go on stage, his disciple told him the shoelace to be loose. Master nods expresses thanks

请帮我翻译一下这篇英语文章,谢谢~~~纯人手翻译,欢迎采纳~~~原文如下:From its origins in the glacial marshlands of the 20,

请帮帮我翻译一下这篇英语文章~~~纯人手翻译,欢迎采纳~~~原文如下:On a cool night recently, a woman was murdered in front

请帮我用英语翻译一下这篇文章Our life is the cradle of the earth mother. The earth mother, the sea, and there are plateau, plain. It is the most

请哪位英语大侠帮我翻译一下这篇文章will bring harm to human health and safety.Considering the above aspects, I don't agree with the cloning technology.

请帮我用英语翻译一下这篇文章(注:1.用英式英语 2.按非常希望收到你的回信和签名,也祝你在影视道路上越走越好!(我的英语不太好,请原谅)Hope very much you reply and signature

请英语达人帮我完整的翻译一下这篇文章污染问题将迎刃而解。解决污染问题,我必须尽力探险家这些新燃料,引导他们到实践中去。(不要来中国英语了,are you OK?)

请大家帮我用英语翻译下这篇文章,谢谢creative thoughts, or my personal concepts to the world after looking and considering from different angels until I got to

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