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你真是忠实的球迷!佩服!试译如下,仅供参考: You're an important member of the club. As a key member of the Arsenal management, you have put in a lot of hard work, which ensures that the players have enough fitness and keep running

First is to introduce myself, is a little bit quiet character, but sometimes play more crazy. And then tell everyone is the subject of English, once I also want to learn English well, through a year of effort also no improvement, so the English very

楼主要多靠自己动手啊,我这儿帮你直译一下: In my opinion, it is necessary to own several best friends! Unlike comparable friends that I have got, ** is the best of them. We were classmates in the junior middle school. Although we didn't know

I'm sorry to reply to you so late,my dear old friend. Is your vacation over now? Are you back to work? Wish you and your family all the best.To be totally honest, I was not good at the beginning of this new year because I've got some problems at work.

New swan fortNew swan castle is the symbol of Germany, the world without a country like Germany that has so many castle, allegedly still has 14,000. In many of the castle, the most famous is located in south of Munich, the fu sen (Fussen) of new

Do you know? I really can't get you out of my mind. I don't know how you feel about me. Maybe you don't have any special feelings at all! Hehe, I remember when I sent SMS to you and said I like you, but you replied to me "I like you as a friend". I

A clear exposition of law and order during the interior of their flats well the importance of safety precautions and arduous nature of the work, the formation of interior of their flats everyone is concerned about the security of everyone involved in the

Respect of international company leader:Hello!Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance pull redundancy for reading my letter of recommendation.The sails, depend on your dongfeng power! I am chongqing university city institute of technology,

可以翻译,不过有点长 Ultimate sanguo drama introduction Guan yu and Zhang fei are high school students, but thanks to their selfless owing,they drop out, so the school is called 24 school , allege twenty-four of school! In two and expelled from

Good morning, my name is xxx. I'm 26 years old right now, and have graduated from the Vocational School of Feicheng with a major in Hotel Management. After graduation, I have worked in the hotel industry for quite a while. I'm very glad to be able

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