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Merry Christmas! 淵貴酔赤! Merry Christmas and a happy new year.彰廝淵貴,孝斎仟浪. Best wishes on this holiday season. 徂恷穫嵜議准晩廝牽. Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas this holiday season.峙緩煮准,廝低畠社

wishing you a song in your heart at christmas and blessings all year long. 淵貴岻縞,廝低伉嶄嗤遍酔赤議梧,仟定酔赤!merry christmas and happy new year!淵貴酔赤,孝斎仟踵!wishing you peace, joy and happiness through christmas and

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year! Beautiful dream comes true Bring you Good wishes of happiness. This Christmas and on the coming year. During this Season may the loy and love of Christmas be yours. Each Christmas

Merry Christmas!淵貴酔赤!

a christmas greeting and good wishes to you who is thought about all the year through. have a beautiful christmas and a happy new year. 兵嶮房廷低,瓶栖淵貴煮准恷胆挫議廝牽,廝淵貴耳,仟定泌吭. with all good wishes for a brilliant and

1.A beautiful wish to you and your family --- live a happy life and everything goes well. A happy New Year to you. 孝斎仟定. 2.Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health

恷械喘議頁;-----Merry Christmas !珊嗤;1.Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season.垳低啜嗤淵貴准侭嗤胆挫議廝牽.2.Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season.廝准晩侑牽泌吭.3.Hope all your Christmas

christmas greetings May the Christmas candle bring you peace and happiness. 垳淵貴岻匚議幤高,揮公低梁椣才繋啓. Best wishes at Christma.I miss you. 淵貴議廝牽,寔穫議房廷. Mountains and rivers cannot separate us.Maerry Christmas.

廝低淵貴准酔赤 厘猥田禹疂念狎鏥柘嶢燦仟佛 Wishes you Christmas day to be joyful I to believe you can be in a class's nova 艶宣蝕厘 Don't leave me

Merry Christmas!淵貴准酔赤!Wish you to have a happy Christmas!廝低淵貴酔赤Wish you a happy birthday and merry christmas!廝低伏晩酔赤旺廝低淵貴酔赤!総現:晩囂:メリ-クリスマス. 窟咄頁(Me rii Ku ri su ma su) 賜:クリスマスは耙しい!(淵貴准酔赤) 賜宀頁:クリスマスおめでとう!(淵貴准酔赤) 隈囂:Joyeux Nol(淵貴准酔赤)

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