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五年级英语周末作文6句I had a busy weeken last time . On Saturday morning , I got up early and do some excercise ,then I played

五年级下册英语作文 我的周末 6-8句回答:At 6:00 I get up.At 6:30 I eat breakfast.At 11:30 I go home .At 12:00 I eat lunch.At 5:00 I go home.

英语作文 我的周末计划 带中文 6句话At the weekends I will be busy. On Saturday I will go to visit the Great Wall. On Sunday I will stay at

我的周末英语作文.6句话就够了.快限时1小时How was your weekend?My weekend was not bad.On Saturday morning ,I just stsyed at

以我的周末为题写一篇英语作文不少于6句话hello.l am jenny this weekend, l am going to go shooping . ln the afternoon. l am

My weekend 五年级英语作文不超过6句话?一切就是说你想我想办法做朋友也不是

week的英语作文,不少于6句话,要5年级的Hi,my name is xxx.I'm a student.I go to schoo from Mondays to Fridays.I get up at six o 'clock on

要求不少于6句,不要太麻烦,小学五年级水平就好,谢谢你呢五年级水平的话只能是使用一般现在时,而且要使用三至五年级的词汇。 I usually have a happy weekend. I often do my

英语作文五年级内容是周末活动带汉语翻译最多6句话_百度知回答:This weekend I went to Beihai park.It is very beautiful.There are a lot of people.It is my favourite place.

小学五年级英语作文(6句话)My favourite animals is white rabbits.,white rabbit has two long ears and two red big

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