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用金山词霸2009牛津版,里面支持在线翻译…,很好用的……准确率挺高的 Since the 21st century, with the rapid economic and social development and

Gompert:Everyone, last night for Karkand raid is not too successful, but we have achieved the established goal Gompert:However, each company recuperation in this morning, we have one M1A2 lose radio contact with HQ.Gompert:Just got the

1.in order to understand students better, teachers go to our dorm everyday. 2.i was a dancer before, i usually dance on the playground, and i like dance myself. 3.refer to my father's health, i must take him to the hospital to have a look. 4.please let me


金山词霸 不就可以啊

Abstract: English is today the most international language, English-speaking people in the world's most widely distributed. Along with social progress, English in our country's position in various fields has become increasingly important. Learn the




一般都用 金山词霸 好用..

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