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课前三分钟PPT的内容可以是介绍中文和英文发音有什么不同的,如下:Ladies and Gentlemen,today I want to talk about the differences between English and Chinese.English is very different from Chinese.The sounds are different,the grammar is


讲你喜欢的人或事物,我以前讲过马丁路德金,不过太枯燥了,你可以讲讲明星或他们的新闻,最好是有趣一点的,能带动气氛. ppt简单点就行了.

A modern university in my mindThe modern university in my mind is a school quite unlike any school we've heard of. This school consists of a large library, a big playground and some special rooms for teachers and students. And that's all this


I am a college student, this is my fourth year in the college, which means that I will graduate soon. Nowadays, many of my classmates have taken the action to find the job interview, while I tell myself to calm down, actually, I have no idea about my


good morning everyone, today is my turn to the speech. first of all, i would like to say that a quick test, we hope that the good preparation, good test for all, is the only way home for a good year. my english is not high, i wish i could within the next two

建议您可以自己尝试做一个大学英语演讲的三分钟左右 PPT.PPT英文叫 Power Point. 要有Point,且Point要Powerful.别人的PPT都是别人的观点.您可以参考别人的观点,但还是要自己做才会演讲Hit the point . 您可以参考这样做,第一页演讲的题目,第二页演讲的目的,第三页演讲者的观点,第四页结论,第五页感谢,如果有资料和数据支持您的观点也可以加入一页或者几页.希望有帮助.以上回答你满意么?


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