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英语幽默小故事50字左右(带翻译)他害怕老鼠!鼠标和老鼠的英文皆为mouse。mouse [maʊs] n. 鼠标;老鼠;胆小羞怯的人 2.A much worried patiant walked into the doctor's office and

英语幽默小故事50字左右(带翻译)Drunk One day, a father and his little son were going home. At this age, the boy

少于50字的搞笑英语小短文「带翻译」"Was school all right?" she asked, "Did you get along all right? did you cry?""Cry?"

小学生六年级英语幽默小故事带翻译50字""I'll venture an answer, " said an old lady. "We have worn them off sitting here so long.".教进化论的老师已经

【50字的英语小故事,带翻译】英语幽默小故事50字左右(带翻译) 2017-09-22 求30个英语小故事,要带中文翻译,大约50-60字, 2016


英语幽默小故事带翻译30字左右That's Your WorryFresh out of business school,the young man answered a want ad for

英语幽默小故事50词左右2011-04-01 英语幽默小故事50字左右(带翻译) 2933 2013-12-13 少于50字的搞笑英语小短文「带翻译」 662 2008-02-24 英语幽默小故事


非常简短的英语幽默故事带翻译"Ah, yes," answered the little girl. "I know the proverb, but does the dog know the proverb, too?"一个小女孩非常不

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