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英语作文我的周末5句英语作文我的周末5句范文:In the weekend, I like to go shopping with my friends.We buy a lot

【英语小短文weekend五句以上.】My weekendI always enjoy my weekends.On Saturday morning,I do my homework at home.In

英语作文我的周末,5句话i went to supermarket with my friends last Saturday noon.we went to someplace to play.we went home at 5pm. i held my

关于周末的安排英语作文五句我希望这个周末我能够过的很快乐, if tomorrow is a sunny day,我要去和爸爸一起钓鱼。 I hope this weekend I can live

周末计划的英语作文5句话周末计划的英语作文:This weekend,I plan to volunteer my time to social activities so that I can


描述上个周末的英语作文五句话s a long way to go,so I had a tired day,because I had to sit on the bus for two hours.Is that a fine plan.

用英语写一篇关于你周末的文章,不少于5句话My weekend is very intresting .I often play football or basketball in the afternoon.Because l think it is healthy.l walk

用英语写一篇关于你周末的文章,不少于5句话写一篇小短文60~80词关于你和你的家人在上个周末(英语) 用英语写一篇作文(星期天的计划)用上一般将来

谈论周末计划的英语作文5句话We are going to the cinema at weekends.We're going to climb the mountain this weekend

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