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and作为并列连词,and前后的句子成分是一样的,它可以连接两个谓语动词,两个Ving分词,也可以连接两个句子举例说明,I like singing and dancing.I hug her and say ,How are you?I came to know her,and I finally found that I fall in love with her deeply.希望能帮到你,呵呵.

and,but 是连词,连接两个句子,因此后面的句子必须有主语,两个句子主语可能一致,可能不一致,但是如果后面的句子的主语跟前面句子主语一致,往往可以省略

and,but 是连词,连接两个句子,因此后面的句子必须有主语,两个句子主语可能一致,可能不一致,但是如果后面的句子的主语跟前面句子主语一致,往往可以省略

And复合名词做主语的主谓一致疑难解答 【比较】 1. With the development of modernagriculture and industry, more and more waste and poison is poured into thewater, the soil and the air. 2. More and more Chinese and Japanese silksare


1.逗号:(1). 在句子里面用于并列的词语之间.如:Id you keep calm, tak eyour time, concentrate and think ahead, you'll pass your drinving test.假如你保持镇定、不慌不

不一定,有时表示中途停顿思考.如:For lunch,she likes hamburgers,salad and pears.And for dinner,she has chichen,tomatoes,French fries and,for dessert,ice cream.插入语一般对一句话作一些附加的说明,通常与句中其它部分没有语法上的联

1. and可以用来连接两个并列子句,前后两个句子的主语不必相同.2. 举例:i went to park last saturday, and she went shopping on that day.and 是连词,连接两个句子或者两个短语的,如果是短语,有时候要求形式一致,比如 i wish i can work in a bank and make a lot of money.

可是后面要用形式式主语代替如it.但如 I have book and pen就不用

逗号后必须加连词如and 两个独立的句子.比如 i live in hangzhou. hangzhou is a beautiful city. 连在一起后 i live in hangzhou,and hangzhou is a beautiful city.

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