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BE Busy with sth造句

用be buSy With Sth造句 We are busy with the final exam.我们在忙于期末考试.满意请及时采纳,谢谢

be busy doing sth.忙于做某事用英语造句如下: they are busy doing their homework. 他们正忙于做作业.

忙于某事 be应该是于的意思,指那件事

Check the schedule for lectures that will be busy with women.查看时间安排表,看看什么时候有很多女人参加讲座.基本be busy with都是+something

his father is a policeman. my mother is busy with cooking. my father is working.

I am busy wity my homework.He is busy with finding his English book.

I am busy with my homework

1. busy with: 忙于… 2. busy in: 忙于… 3. be busy doing: 忙着做某事 4. be busy doing sth: 忙着做某事

I am busy with the homework.We are busy reading books now.She is busy washing .He is busy playing computer games.They are busy with lessons

He is good at math,so he always does well in the math exams.He is very kind and he is very good for everyone.I'm sorry.I'm late for school.The desk is made of wood.We are ready to have a walk now.After he saw the photo,he became interested in photography.

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