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five little monkeys五只小猴子双语对照例句:1.Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Game by University Games introduces children tocounting and strategy while developing fine motor skills..很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

because of you - kelly clarksoni will not makethe same mistakes that you didi will not let myselfcause my heart so much miseryi will not breakthe way you did you fell so hardi've learned the hard wayto never let it get that farbecause of youi never stray


"It's time for bed,"said mama. So five little monkeys washed their faces, burshed their teeth, and put their pj's on. They kissed their mama and said,"Good night." But guess what happened thenFive little monkeys jumped on the bed. One fell off


Mama takes her five little monkeys to shopping__ for clothes.shopping 购物

《Good night》Good night, Baby.Good night, Baby.Good night, Baby.It's time to go to bed.Merrily, we roll along,Roll along, roll along.Merrily, we roll along,As off to bed we go.Good night, Sally.Good night, Sally.Good night, Sally.It's time to go to bed.


多放两次,然后慢慢教就好了Five little monkeys 五只小猴子英文歌词Five little monkeys jumping on the bedOne fell off and bumped his headbmpSo Momma called the doctor and the doctor saidNo more monkeys jumping on the bed!Four little

Five Little Monkeys (五只小猴子)给楼主一个这首歌的动画链接

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