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作文:myweek为题,不少于5个句子周末来临了。I will have a happy weekend.我的周末会过得很快乐。On Saturday morning, I’m going to do my homework. And

以myweek为题目的英语作文简短小五句以My week为题目的简短小五句的英语作文如下所示。示例一:I had a very happy week.From Monday to Friday,

以myweek为题目写一篇英语作文 5字Last Sunday, our class held a spring outing in the forest park. It was a nice day. The sun was shining brightly and

Myweek的英语小作文40字myweek igotoschoolfrommondaytofriday.iwakeupat7:00inthemorning.theniwashmyhandsandface.


以“my week”为题写英语作文6句带翻译my week 我的周末 I think everyone likes weekend.Because it’s time for relax and fun.Now I want to talk about my we

帮我写英语作文myweek为题I always do my homework at home. But sometimes I also go for a drive.On Sunday afternoon,I finish my homework. Then

请你以"myweek"为题目写一篇小短文主要是看你想写过去时还是将来时(想要做什么)。过去时的句子有:I did my homework,I watched TV,I played basketball什么的

My Week 为题写一篇短文,不少于五句话.My week is very good!. I get up at 7o 'clock, Then I do my homework from 8o

My Week五年级作文要15句的.I have a haapy week.This week,I have many activity.On Monday,I go swimming with my

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