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歌名:Nice to meet you 歌手:卢广仲 发行时间:2010-08-16 所属专辑:《四冰》歌词:我就在淡水河的旁边 我看着太阳慢慢不见 每天一到了这个时候 我会在回家公车上面 就快要爱上了淡水 除了雨下不停的冬天 不管未来会在哪一边 都还是

歌曲名:Nice To Meet You歌手:Yanni专辑:Devotion: The Best Of Yanni吴欢 - Nice to meet you词曲:吴欢NICE TO MEET YOU !NICE TO MEET YOU !NICE TO MEET YOU !NICE TO MEET YOU !逃学翻墙头 捉鸟用弹弓中分头 吃冰棍 小人书

歌曲名:Nice to Meet You歌手:房祖名专辑:乱房祖名 - Nice To Meet You作词:房祖名作曲:房祖名、黄韵仁编曲:黄韵仁Nice to Meet You Yes I doBut the time to say goodbye is coming soonSo I'll be brave and sing this song to youRight here

卢广仲 - Nice To Meet You我就在淡水河的旁边我看着太阳慢慢不见每天一到了这个时候我会在回家的公车上面就快要爱上了淡水除了雨下不停的冬天不管未来会在哪一边 都还是会想念不能忘记的有大一开学的那天还有一起去过的海边你说人生

我就在淡水河的旁边我看着太阳慢慢不见每天一到了这个时候我会在回家的公车上面就快要爱上了淡水除了雨下不停的冬天不管未来会在哪一边 都还是会想念不能忘记的有大一开学的那天还有一起去过的海边你说人生要疯狂几遍我都懂 只是习

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search search search friends 找找找啊找朋友 find one good friend 找到一个好朋友 give a salute, shake hands 敬个礼握握手 you're my good friend 你是我的好朋友 希望回答对你有帮助.

Eminem HelloHelloAllow me to introduce myselfMy name is, ShadyIts so nice to meet youIts been a long timeIm sorry Iv been away so longMy name is, ShadyI never ment to leave youYou see that chick in the gym checkin me out?Any second im bout

Let`s go you ain`t got a girl right now Well cuz you ain`t got no gain (i know) i`m show you how to do it gd style (he`s write it down) Here `s some rules though, One, Put on nice Two, Don`t be nervous Three, Just be yourself (Yeah-p) Follow me now He

中韩英对照Let`s go you ain`t got a girl right now 出发!你现在还没女友么?Well cuz you ain`t got no gain (i know) 那是是因为你没长进(我知道)i`m show you how to do it gd style 我教你怎么做,用GD的方法(he`s write it down) (他在记录)

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