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“Thank you to School TV”是什么意思 “Thank you to School TV” 是“感谢学校电视台”的意思.“to ”在这里有“对”“向”的意思.类似的句子还有:1.Thank you to my school. 翻译:感谢我的学校. 2.Thank you to my teachers. 翻译:感谢我的老师们.

1.welcome to my school 欢迎您来我的学校,作为礼貌的回答一般是用thanks,或thank you.2.All right ,好的,可以 如当好友建议今晚可以去看电影吗?这时可以用All right回答;一般是对于建议或疑问的肯定回答.

My school is very big. There are a lot of trees and flowers in it.It is very beautiful.And there are 4 buildings in my school.There is a very big library in my school .Igo to there to read books every day. I love my school very 体谅我一下吧 我高二 我保证这都是我自己写的much.

welcome to my school(欢迎来到我的学校) thank you(谢谢)


你参考参考,不行再说~~~~~~ My shool and my teacher Hi,boys and girls .DO you they are good teachers,we all like them very much.” I would like to thank you for all the

1.学校是圣洁的地方,有它我们才能迈向梦想的天堂.【School is holy place, it can we achieve the dream of heaven.】2.母校啊,你是我的另一个母亲,我深沉的爱着您,如同群星守护着明月.【Alma mater, you is my another mother, i love you,

感谢学校电视台 thanks to

这个 YUO 后应该是没有I 的 是你多打了或不小心碰到的 这个Thank you for you to your school 应该是谢谢你的学校吧 这个也是没有 YUO 的吧 这个Thank you 是谢谢 YUO 你 SCHOOL 学校 FOR 对来说 2. 谢谢你,我要到你学校..

My Deepest Gratitude for You The world we lived in decided that we have to learn to help each other and get help from others.We as human beings have interacted each other no matter in which stage of history.And,also,we have to learn how to

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